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                    Latest additions (added 3/11/13)...

Do what you love!

Thanks ... but no thanks! Most guys would avoid this place.
A sign of a bad economy ... Here's some motivation to get into better shape! You should obey this sign, even though it has bad spelling.

This is a kinky traffic sign!

This sign should help prevent trespassing on your property.

Sign placement is very important.
This sign was obviously installed to help stupid people. This person is intentionally disobeying the sign. It's time to have this restaurant inspected.
Now hiring happy ... oh, just click on this to find out. This looks legitimate. There's probably a long line to get into this place.
One of many reasons why spelling is important. Here's one way to make a LOT of money! I don't think that I would buy anything here.


Let's raise money for a purpose, and then defeat the purpose.

If you are drunk, you won't notice the bad spelling anyway.
I'm sure that a lot of people will disobey this sign. Hopefully, there will be no emergencies here. Some things are pretty basic, and sign makers still get them wrong.
I wonder how much Sue charges for this service ... This sign must be near a convenience store. I promise that this is not Photoshopped -- I actually took this photograph near the Charlotte, NC airport.

This may not be the best place to go out for dinner ...

Do you think that it's time to replace a few light bulbs?

OK ... read the sign to yourself out loud ... do you want to change the wording in any way?

Just in case you need a male chicken ...

Are you selling a car or a boat?

Burnt-out light bulbs can change the whole meaning of a sign.

Let's be brutally honest

It sounds like he was really a great guy!

The sign maker was not good at counting.
Do you be needin a job? Shoe salvation I don't want any syrup dispensed in this manner.
The end result of this will probably not be parenthood. Uh .. these grips have immoral practices? This is what is known as a sick sense of humor.
Do you need a prosthetic limb on a short-term basis?
(thanks to Kristie for this one!)
And exactly what is special about this deal? Man -- you must have really low prices in your store!
Obama has started a trend! This sign looks like typically good use of tax dollars. We better change this sign, so the police won't stop here!
These graffiti artists will definitely be in trouble if they get caught. Is this a sign from God? What are the odds that you will be sitting behind this guy?

This is just a bit
confusing ...

This is also confusing ... I hope that I never get this drunk!!!

This sign has TMI ... Too Much Information.

Are you open, or not?

Alignment ... ?
  This is an unusual religious message ... This might seem like a bargain at first, but the cost will increase significantly as time passes ... Come on in!!!  No, don't come in this way !!!
Here's a real exciting motel! This drug store has a sale on something that doesn't smell very good. The word "stereo" really isn't that difficult to spell ...
Let's see ... "presentation" means that somebody is going to show me something.  I think that I'll pass on this one. Knowing how to spell was
not a job requirement at this Burger King.
This guy REALLY knows
how to sell romance books!
If you need to clean up a prostitute, this is the
place to take her!
Here's a creative chiropractor in Radford, Va. The word "aluminum" is hard to even pronounce ... so why
should I spell it correctly?
Let's take bad spelling to a whole new level!
(thanks to Linda for
sending this one to me)
Most guys would definitely avoid this nursery! I would have chosen a different name for this store!
Thieves cause problems everywhere! This school is having what kind of exams? Check out this Chinese restaurant!
We require proper English! OK ... define "fast service" ... Public signs are a great place to put a sick joke!
Some people need to practice what they preach! Well, at least they spelled the word "we" correctly! This is a really bad logo for a pediatric clinic!
This is one way to show your ignorance
to everyone.
Yes, I want to use the services that this business
is advertising!
OK ... sounds good to me!
You really better not trespass here! These billboards really shouldn't be side-by-side. Should I order a hamburger by saying "I want a cheeseburger without cheese" ?

Nice combination!

Is this a copier or an oven?

Can I park here right now?
I'm confused!
(Thanks to Joel Ballon for
sending this one to me!)
Goodwill, but not good grammar. Attention to detail is needed here. A decimal point or two can make a big difference
on some signs.
We can't spell, but we can fix your car! We can't spell, but we can sell clothes to you! OK ... define "enjoy" ... it sounds like a heckuva deal for five bucks!
I don't think that I want to go into this liquor store. This is a great name for an adult bookstore. Hooters probably obtained this information from an
employee survey.
No Mastur ... well,
you figure it out ...

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