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Latest additions!  (Added 9/30/14)

Interesting couple - They are from a southern state.

Bad night at the bar - I don't think that she will be leaving with him tonight.

Check out these football teammates! - Yes, I actually took these photos.

Facebook Cover Picture - Feel free to use this on your Facebook page!

Stay away from this car! - This is a scary license plate!

Friends with benefits? - Your standards change when you get older.

Magnetic attraction - Are you looking for a good pick-up line?

Did you get a haircut? - Get ready to groan.

Bad vocabulary - Have you ever overheard a phone conversation like this?

Tattoo removal - This probably wouldn't hurt any more than it did to get the tattoo.

Pronunciation instructions - This menu tells you exactly how to say it!

This is a sign from God - Well, it's not really a sign ...

That's it -- I've had enough!! - Do you think that he is tired of being in the bathroom dispensing paper?

You wish ... - If you work in a bookstore, remember that the placement of labels can be very important.

Well, I guess that the bunny rabbit does have large fingers - All I can say is that this is a really weird picture.

This is a strange obsession! - Do you have this kind of ceiling fan in your house?

Just like me, they long to be close to you! - If you combined the Muppets with the Carpenters, this would be the result.

Let the world know what you think! - Maybe this van needs some more bumper stickers.

Mommy, you can do better than this! - I think that he prefers the alternative source.

If you want to send me some fan mail ...  ... don't send any like this.

He's a great artist! - But he might make somebody mad.

Watch out for falling dirt!! - This artist had a great idea for what should be on the ceiling in a smokers' lounge.

Bathroom Bacon Dispenser - Funny bathroom graffiti ...

Bad Fake Driver's License - Here's one way to ensure that your fake driver's license is obviously fake.

Funny Fortune Cookie - This is an actual scan of a fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie that I ate.

A Winner (In More Ways Than One) - I seriously doubt that this is the winner's real name ... somebody at the TV station was having fun!

Back Off!!! - You better not tailgate this vehicle!

Reclining In Comfort - We have all seen those mud flaps on trucks with a profile of a reclining hot babe. Well .... here is a bumper sticker that takes this concept in a totally different direction. Yuck ...

Funny Advertisement - Here's a new approach to selling K-Y Jelly.

Warped Sense Of Humor - Here are a few bumper stickers on one vehicle that I spotted one day.

What Were His Parents Thinking? - I guess that they never knew that his name would appear on a television screen.

Another Sick Bumper Sticker - Remember the movie "Deliverance"?

Evil Child? - Mommy & Daddy need to give her a spelling lesson.

Great Future Engineer! - Hey, at least give him credit for being creative!

Check Out This Twin-Cam Peugeot - Oh ... that's not exactly what you had in mind?

Happy Hardware - This thing must have found some Viagra.

They Should Not Sit Side-By-Side - What are the odds of these two guys being on the same team and next to each other on the bench?

This iPod Is A Little Different - If you are, say, a zombie or a vampire, this might be for you.

Disgusting Cell Phone Holder - It is amazing how stupid some people are regarding what they are willing to do to their own body.

Times Have Changed - This is a picture of the label on the inside of a toy box made in the early 1960s.  I don't think that it was made in California.

Do We Need Four Years Of This?  - Yes, I'm making a bit of political commentary.

Carousel For Sickos  - This gets my vote as the worst design possible for a carousel.  Let's hope that this was someone's Photoshop expertise, and not the end result of a carousel designer's imagination.

Get A Brain?  - This protester needs to use his own brain.  His sign indicates that he cannot spell.

Gotcha!  - This is a heckuva way for a planeload of people to pay for their sins!

Great Shot!  - This guy is a pretty good basketball player, considering the fact that he is a statue.

Uh ... thanks for the feedback ... I think ...  -  When you buy something on eBay, you want positive feedback from the seller ... but not quite like this.

Statutory Rape?  - This fellow either has bad eyesight or a really strange fetish.

Toothbrush Love  - Well ... I don't know if it's really love.  But "toothbrush love" sounds nicer than "toothbrush sex".

Woman Pleaser  - This guy had to be thumping his chest after he read the newspaper that day.

Why Men Like Dodge Trucks  - Oh, and you never noticed this before?  Advertising works through your subconscious mind.

Condoms Aren't Completely Safe  - Why?  The answer is in this picture!

True Irony  - Michele in California sent me these photos.  Michele has a parrot, which is why she has a "BRDY MOM" personalized license plate.  One day at work, her boss noticed something different on the front of her car, and he took these photos.  At least this wasn't Michele's parrot.

This Here Is Whatcha Call Art - I drew this in pencil while I was in high school many years ago.  It was drawn on a fancy-schmancy piece of canvas art board, and I recently found it while I was cleaning out a closet in my home office.  My immediate reaction was "I must share this with the world!!!"  So here's something that you can use as new desktop wallpaper for your computer.  I can assure you that I was not on drugs or alcohol when I created this masterpiece.

White Oval Sticker - We all have seen the umpteen zillion variations of a white oval sticker with an acronym in the middle of it.  I decided to make my own.  Here it is!!

Perverted Recycling Message
 - This insert was in my monthly water/sewage bill, and its intent was to promote recycling.  But how can you look at this drawing without your mind being diverted to perverted thoughts?

Redneck Wedding Announcement- This guy really picked a nice shirt to wear for their engagement photo.  And how old is she, anyway?

Doggie Porno -- I know that dogs are smart, but how did he get past that parental filtering software that I installed?

Great Bumper Sticker -- I saw this on a car in a mall parking lot one day, and I just had to snap this photo.

Unlucky Bucks -- Check out the license tag on this taxidermist's truck!  (Thanks to Lou for sending this one to me!)

Showing Her Navel -- There are a lot of young ladies out there who like to show their belly button!

Another Kind Of Weapon -- The past few years we've heard a lot about weapons of mass destruction.  I prefer these kinds of weapons!

Clinton Library Sponsor -- Bill Clinton found the perfect sponsor for his presidential library.

These Cheerleaders Are Putting On A Real Show! -- Check out the look on the cheerleader's face -- now that's good timing on the part of the photographer!

Urinal Feedback -- I think that I would have chosen a different picture to put over the urinal.

The World's Worst Children's Ride -- Take a close look at Donald Duck's face!

Stupid Tattoo -- This tattoo artist is risking his own life.

Nice Headlights -- Check out the headlights on this car!

Revoked Personalized License Plate -- It wasn't very nice when viewed in your rearview mirror.

Birthday Party At Hooters -- I certainly never had a party like this when I was 12 years old.

Buddha Baby -- There's an amazing resemblance here.

Gargoyle Lady -- And here's another amazing resemblance.

DUH!!! -- I guess that CNN has to make sure that the stupid people are taken care of.

Saddam & Bin Laden Action Figures -- I don't recommend buying these for your kids.

Frisky Ape -- And I'm betting that it was just their first date!

Nose Picking Gone Wrong -- As if this activity could go right ...

Microsoft Rap Hit Wizard -- Now it's easy for anyone to have their own rap music hit!

Gerber Picante Sauce -- I don't think that this one ever actually hit the market.

Verizon Advertisement -- They are obviously going after new markets.

Golf Magazine Cover -- They have instructions for everything now!

LPGA Trophy -- She could have at least waited until she got back to her hotel room!

What Real Women Do With Duct Tape

Arkansas Commemorative Quarter

Memory Lane -- Yes, I took this picture.  I would prefer not to remember this place.

Why Men Should Not Babysit -- These pictures make the reason obvious.

Good Baby! -- My all-time favorite picture of Hillary Clinton.

Truth -- Honesty is so rare these days, so it is refreshing when you see it.

Jack-In-The-Box -- Ever wonder what goes on inside the box when it is closed? (This is an animated GIF file.)

Legal Name Change -- Some people will do anything for a little action!

School Crossing -- Next time, you should take the sign literally!

Kama Sutra Animal Crackers -- Sometimes a lack of quality control can be entertaining.

Yes, And The Pope Is Catholic, Too! -- Here's the answer to the age-old question.

The Game Show Writer Must Have Had A Bad Day -- Can you fill in the blanks?

Remote Controls For Both Sexes -- And, as we all know, we are different!

Monkey With A Bad Attitude -- What is a page of goofy pictures without at least one monkey picture?

What The Packaging Of This World Is Coming To -- Most people are pretty dang stupid, so product packaging must accomodate them.

Hurricane, Or Another Clinton Scandal? -- The proofreader must have been an 83-year-old grandmother who didn't know any better.

Pull My Finger -- This is one of my creations. (Well, not the painting ... just the modification.)

The Lee Harvey Oswald Band

Friends -- If you are a fan of the TV show Friends (I am not), you will find this to be humorous.

Alabama -- Them boys out in the country gets real lonely sometimes! (Rated PG - R)

Bill Clinton Helps The Kids -- Bill and Hillary do their part for the children. (Rated PG - R)

Monica's New T-Shirt -- One of many funny Clinton/Lewinski pictures floating around the 'Net.

Two On A Bike -- A cheap (make that sheep) date!

That Wasn't Chicken -- What did your Chinese fortune cookie say?

Hillary's Big Secret -- What's revealed here could go a long way in explaining Bill & Hillary's behaviour.


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