Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

The following items are true. This is just a collection of things that have made me laugh quite a bit, and deserved to be archived somewhere. So what better place than my web site?

Right now, this is a very small collection. I'll add to it as my life experience presents appropriate material. If you have anything that may fit in this category, please email it to me using the address at the bottom of the home page of this web site..

Page added 7/2/99Turkey Time - This true news story actually comes from the year 1997.  Some company employees in Pennsylvania were arrested for sodomizing a turkey.  Personally, I cannot imagine a turkey being that attractive.

Page added 7/2/99Interesting Obituary - This lady's name and the name of the funeral home are both contradictory.

Page added 7/2/99Interesting Personalized License Plate - It doesn't seem to be helping him very much in this situation.

Page added 7/2/99Shop At Wal-Mart - This is proof that all of us have different standards.  The actual newspaper that this was clipped from is unknown.

Perverted Recycling Message - This insert was in my monthly water/sewage bill, and its intent was to promote recycling.  But how can you look at this drawing without your mind being diverted to perverted thoughts?
Redneck Wedding Announcement- This guy really picked a nice shirt to wear for their engagement photo.  And how old is she, anyway?

Water Week

The Missing Elvis Impersonator

The Serious Email Response To My Stupid Usenet Post

The Typo(?) In The Sporting Goods Store Advertisement


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