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OK, this is a personal web page, a people usually put pictures of their family, pets, etc. on their web page. I'll do it a little differently. I'll let you paint your own picture of me by looking at the goofy stuff on this page. I have a scrapbook full of drawings, doodles, writings, etc. from my childhood through high school, and I have drawn on this stuff as a source for this page. I'm sure that the mental picture that you'll paint of me will be way off in some respects, and smack dab on in other respects.

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One time in high school, I cut stuff out of the local newspaper and decorated my math spiral notebook. Here is the front of it, and this was on the back.

In the seventh grade I had a great teacher that encouraged creativity. Therefore, the scrapbook is full of weird stuff from that particular stage of my life. For example, for some strange reason unknown to me now, I created a character named Winky Stinky Klodhopper. Here is his car. I wrote a little story about him, which discussed the fact that this guy seemed to have a fetish for monograms, having everything he owned monogrammed. His car had a bright handcrafted golden clodhopper for a hood ornament. Again, who knows why I came up with this stuff?

Added 1/29/99You may have noticed that Winky Stinky Klodhopper's car (above) had a commode installed on the roof. I expanded on this later on in a sketch from my high school days.

Added 1/29/99After studying some ancient author in a high school English class, I was moved to write a sonnet sequence called "Security With Stupidity". Reading these now, I can see no connection whatsover to classic sonnets. This example is, unfortunately, one of the better ones.

 Added 1/29/99I honestly don't remember the inspiration for this picture, or exactly what it is supposed to be. But I promise you that I never used drugs, even though this picture may seem to indicate otherwise. Lots of interesting details in this picture, such as (1) an army tank with the body of a VW bus, (2) the driver of the tank is Rufus Leaking, Hero Of Poland, Conquered Andorra, and (3) a tiny tricycle in the front yard of the house.

Added 1/29/99 Those of you who remember the long gas lines of the early '70s gas crisis will be able to identify with this picture, which was drawn during that period of time.

Added 1/29/99 Some kids got in trouble in junior high school for things like fighting, smoking in the boys' room, etc. I got in trouble for publishing what school officials considered to be an "underground" newspaper. Collaborating with two friends, with my typewriter and another friend who had access to a mimeograph machine, we created a four-page humor newspaper and sold them on campus for 5 cents each. (I think that the fact that we were selling them is the key part of our trouble.) Since I was the 9th-grader, and the other two guys were 8th graders, I'm the one that got called to the principal's office. Mr. Hamrick (the principal) gave me a stern look and pointed out that the name of one character in our paper (Buzzy Bowels) was a "little shady". Anyway, I got what amounted to a "cease and desist" order and was released back to school society. Unfortunately, we already had our second issue printed and ready for distribution, complete with a headline story about a cow with diarrhea. Anyway, here is the front page of the first issue. Obviously, the humor was created by junior-high-schoolers, but we were quite proud of our creation. To this day I truly believe that Mr. Hamrick was wrong in stifling the creativity of a few students. (True story: while I was waiting in the school office to see Mr. Hamrick, another teacher walked by, looked at me, and said "Oh, you're the guy with the underground newspaper, aren't you?")

Added 1/29/99 This is something that actually isn't crazy!  When I was in the seventh grade in 1970, I was in the school chorus.  Along with the local junior high and high school, we recorded an album (yes, one of those old 33 RPM LP things).  I have digitized this album, and all of it is here.

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