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Kaizen Blitz

This is my video of a song parody that I recorded. "Kaizen Blitz" is a parody of "Ballroom Blitz"
by Sweet. If you've ever worked for a company that has Kaizen events (also know as Kaizen blitzes),
you should get a few chuckles out of this. Even if you don't know what the heck a
"Kaizen Blitz" is, you still might enjoy this.


Dueling Steppers

Back in the mid-1990s I programmed a Superior Electric MX2000 multi-axis control
to drive two step motors so that they played "Dueling Banjos".  I recently
decided that I needed to video this to save it for posterity. 

Heart Of Rock & Roll

OK ... I'll admit it. This is pretty bad, and you'll probably not enjoy it
unless you are or you know one of the people in the video.
And, yes, even the camera work is bad; too much zooming in and out is a bad thing.
This was recorded at a Warner Electric regional sales meeting in 1986.

Old Time Rock & Roll

Here's another video from the 1986 Myrtle Beach Warner Electric sales meeting.
Again ... this is pretty bad.  And I'm in this one -- I'm the one on the drums.
(And, no, I'm not really a drummer, as if it isn't obvious.)
I'm also the guy doing the Donald Duck voice in some parts of the song.

Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother

Yet another bad karaoke video from a sales meeting in the mid-1980s.
I'm the one on the left in the army helmet. And, no, I had not been drinking.


One more bad karaoke video from a sales meeting in the mid-1980s.
This time I'm playing the acoustic guitar. (And no, I'm not a guitar player, either.)

"Chainsaw Ted" On
The Johnny Carson Show

Bryan Williams of Cherryville, NC, a.k.a. "Chainsaw Ted", gained notoriety
in late 1989 for his ability to imitate small gasoline engines. Hurricane Hugo
had just passed through the Charlotte, NC area, and chainsaws were a common
sound during the cleanup efforts. Brian was on the local "John-Boy and Billy" radio
show, and before long he really hit the "big-time" -- he was on the
Johnny Carson show! I happened to catch it on my VCR at the time, and I recently
decided that it would be a great video for YouTube. Some of the interview
after Chainsaw Ted's performance has been edited out to allow
the video to fit in YouTube's time and filesize limits.

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